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Lost & never found again!

Well y’all, Lost comes to an end this Sunday night. Many parties are planned around the country, dare I say “the world”? What will come of all this foolishness? Flash sideways, whattttttttttt? In a strange show they would have a strange twist. If Jack stays on the island to protect it, what will happen to him in the flash sideways. Will he heal locke’s  back so he can walk again? Who will pick up his dads coffin at the airport, if it really is there?

Theres more damn questions than there are answers from this show and ending it will just generate a million more. Will they spinoff a character with their own show? Will they wait 5 years and have a new show called “Found”? Where will all these actors end up in the future? Will we like them on their new shows?

OK, trivia time. The writers stuck in books at various times. Do you remember seeing any of these titles?

The Invention of Morel

The Turn of the Screw

The Brothers Karamazov

A Wrinkle in Time

Our Mutual Friend


The doomed digits, Hurleys winning lottery numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

I don’t have time to dig up all the past memories and producer quirky incidents from the show. I’m just going to enjoy the show on Sunday and hope SOME answers are revealed.


The flash sideways takes us back to season 1 character centered episodes. The outcome of what life would be like if Oceanic flight 815 hadn’t crashed. They have been showing the flash sideways of a different character each week. This week Ben will be shown as if he was born and lived  a unextrordinary life. Sawyer will been shown on March 16th as a grifter but with a change. On March 30 the Sun/Jin story will show a totally different relationship. and we did see Hurley as a lucky business owner and not the unlucky person he’s been. Also in the flashsideways story the passenger list for the plane is different. Desmond was on the plane  and not Shannon. Also Jack seems to remember Desmond. Remember back in season 2 when Jack went running.

The people at the Temple are not new. Flight attendant Cindy along with others went to the Temple back in Season 3 when Ben told Richard to take them to “the last safe place on the island”.

Fake Locke has many new things about him. He definitely is the Smoke Monster, but what exactly is the Smoke Monster, we shall see.

The Temple Master, Dogen. He appeared in Jacks flash sideways as a father advising Jack to be a hands on dad.  He drowns Sayid and then when that doesn’t work he trys to poison him. As we saw last week however the two have a knock down drag out and Sayid kills him, or does he, hos body is in the water!

Ahh, did you know the name of the Temple Master’s sidekick. The hippie translators name is “Lennon”. Yep, same as the Beatles peace lover!

On an odd note, there is talk of a spin-off with Ben and Locke working side by side  as 2 suburban hit men  juggling family issues. I’m not sure about that one!

Lost, you bet I am!

Where oh where are you tonight?  Why did you leave me here all alone? I searched the world over and I thought I found true love. You met another and “poof” you was gone!

 If this is the last season, someone better start tying things together.

They started this season by bringing in 30 more people who have hidden in a temple. It took years to figure out who, what, where, when and why for the original cast. Along with more people we also have a parallel universe that is running all the characters into each other week after week. Whats going to happen there?

Now Sayid has killed the temple leader. UnLocke, Claire and Sayid are now the dark force. UnLocke just wiped out all the temple residents who stayed in the temple. Jacob is only around as Hurley’s vision. Jack has gone loco, Kate is all twisted and living happily ever after is a far off dream.

What the hell is going on in Island land?  Lots of action! A hell of a lot more questions than answers!  An increase in Zombies!  And next week Ben is digging his own grave.

Ponder this, If Ben could kill Jacob where The Lockeness Monster couldn’t, why can’t he kill ol’ Lockeness himself and end this sickness.

Reality News

Tuesday Night TV

24 – 7, leaves 17 hours to get the rods man!

Well, well, well, looks like Renee finally went crazy and stabbed the hell out of Vladimir. Then (oops) she got Jack too. Luckily it didn’t hit anything vital to Jacks survival. At least not until some time down the road when he starts to bleed out when it’s not a good time. 

Dana, what the hell was she thinking. Didn’t she know the Bozo brothers wouldn’t get their butts out of the police impound building in time? She is also neglecting her duties at CTI to call Mr Bozo #1. I hope Jack doesn’t need her help down the terrorists way. 

Kevin and Nick (aka Bozo Brothers) just had to wait till a cop showed up, left a mess and then bat beat the cop to near death, god lord help them leave town. Can’t do anything but cause trouble in new York. 

And the official version goes like this: 

At the UN, President Taylor’s speech has managed to keep all the signatory countries on board with the peace process. However, Dalton, the British ambassador, insists upon knowing the details, so Taylor privately shares the information about the unsecured nuclear materials with him. Meanwhile, Jack, in the back of Lugo’s car, tells Cole he doesn’t want backup. Arlo is monitoring Jack’s position when he notices Dana get another mysterious phone call. As Dana moves off to take a call from Kevin to talk him through stealing the money from the police impound, Arlo tells Chloe he thinks Dana is cheating on Cole. Should he tell him? Chloe thinks it’s wishful thinking on Arlo’s part and tells him to get into Hastings’ office for a briefing. 

 Jack arrives at Vladimir’s chop shop and asks to talk to Renee alone. They confer, and Renee refuses to be pulled out. Vlad doesn’t trust Jack; they need her here. She returns to Vlad’s side, and Jack watches with anger and concern as Vlad grabs her rear end. 

 At the police impound, Kevin and his buddy Nick find the money. Dana tells them they’ve got fifteen minutes before the next patrol. Kevin wants to leave, but Nick wants to root around in the impound for more loot. 

 Vladimir begins calling his contacts. No progress. He notices how Jack looks at Renee, and has Lugo take him to another room to wait. Meanwhile, Bazhaev asks his priest, Father Gregor, to bury Oleg in the backyard, and “make it right” – say the right prayers. He doesn’t care what happens to him, but his son should be with the angels. He tries to make Josef understand why he had to kill his brother, but is interrupted by a phone call… from Vladimir. Bazhaev angrily snaps that nobody deals in nuclear rods. As Renee presses Vlad to make more calls, Bazhaev makes a call of his own to a man named Luka, who is in the back of the truck which is transporting the rods, along with weapons, gas masks and hazmat suits. Bazhaev tells him that Vlad somehow knows about the rods. He needs to stop. Luka radios the driver and tells him to pull off the freeway. 

 Taylor asks Hassan his intentions. Hassan assures her that the crackdown on his people will stop within the next few hours, and the delegate he arrested will either be released or charged. Privately, Tarin tells Hassan that Jamot denies all knowledge, and thinks he is innocent, but Hassan is not convinced. He asks Tarin to have his security forces arrest Jamot’s wife children. Tarin is horrified, and seems to talk Hassan out of it, but as soon as he has left the room, Hassan gives the same order to another of his men, Nabeel… and also asks Nabeel to look into Tarin’s records. 

 Kevin and Nick are still at the impound. Nick has scattered things all over the floor. He pulls a handgun on Kevin and demands the money. He pulls the trigger, and it turns out he’s just holding a very realistic water gun. Nick giggles. They’re finally about to leave when they hear a buzz. The security guard is coming. Kevin calls Dana, who breaks off a briefing with Arlo and Chloe to try to help Kevin out of this mess. However, Nick grabs a baseball bat and attacks the guard, as Dana, observing on a security camera, frantically tells Kevin to stop him. Kevin pulls Nick away from the prostrate guard, and they finally leave. Dana is horrified. 

 Tarin talks to Kayla. He knows her father went behind his back to order the arrests. He asks Kayla to talk to him before he destroys himself and all they’ve worked for. There is a knock at the door. It’s Nabeel coming to arrest Tarin. Kayla tries to cover for him, claiming he is not there, but Tarin voluntarily leaves her suite and tries to talk sense into Nabeel. However, Nabeel says his hands are tied, and places Tarin under arrest. Kayla asks to talk to her father, but Nabeel says he’s given orders not to be disturbed by anyone… not even his family. 

 At Vlad’s chop shop, he’s called his last contact. Nobody knows anything about the nuclear rods. Renee insists he call them all again, but he refuses. Renee says the deal is all she has; why does he think she came back here? For him? Vlad, enraged, strikes her… and Renee, pushed beyond endurance, grabs a knife and stabs Vlad in the eye. Jack comes running, but it’s too late; Vlad’s dead, and Renee is stabbing him in the chest over and over until Jack pulls her off of him. Renee lashes out before seeing who it is, and stabs Jack in the side of his stomach. Jack falls to the ground. Lugo enters; before he can react, Jack grabs the knife and flings it into Lugo’s throat. Vlad’s other men have heard the commotion and come running, but Jack can see their shadows through the semi-opaque walls and shoots them all before they can enter. Jack holds a shaking Renee as she begins to cry. 

 Jack bandages himself, then calls CTU. He covers for Renee, saying that Vladimir attacked her, but Hastings isn’t buying it; he wants an autopsy run on Vlad’s body. Jack says they’ve still got a lead if they follow up on Vlad’s phone calls and examine his files and computers. Dana is distracted, and Hastings snaps at her to pull it together. 

 When Jack gets off the phone, Renee, devastated, apologizes. She thought if she could do this, she could get her life back. Jack gently tells her that all she needs to do is want it, but Renee says she doesn’t know how. She has nobody. “You have me,” says Jack. They hear footsteps, but it’s not CTU; the voices are Russian. Jack has Renee hide in a closet while he gives himself up to them to try to get them to take him to the nukes. He tells Renee to have CTU track him from the air, then presents himself to the Russians, who are led by a man named Dimitri. He tells them if they shoot him, their boss will lose a lot of money. They take him away. Soon after, Cole’s team arrives at the chop shop. Renee tells them about the Russians who have Jack, but Cole says that no vehicles have left the area. They haven’t seen anything from the air. Where did they go? 

 The Russian gunmen put a black hood over Jack’s head and lead him into an underground tunnel. They emerge near the East River, the Manhattan skyline in the distance. They bundle Jack into a waiting van and drive away, destination unknown. 




Only one word about the ending: 

SUCKED and man am I disappointed. What a wimpy way to finish such a great series. Thats all I have to say!